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Looking to start your business with local individuals and businesses, but not still confident? Need help to understand their background, records and market reputation? Let us guide you. KYC and compliance matters in today’s rapidly evolving environment has taken a fundamental position that might negatively or positively affect your business decisions. Let us professionally assist you with a background check of any local individuals and businesses identifying most critical matters.


We are capable to conduct high-end and thorough KYC checks of your partners in Azerbaijan. Using smart tools, unique resources, and perfect knowledge of the local market we could help you to understand its complex specifics and potential challenges. The post-soviet inheritance, lack of clarity and public disclosure and information providing transparency of the local businesses could be tough task for international businesses. For these reasons accurate and independent Due Diligence is a must for your success dealing with Azerbaijani businesses.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


With years of experience, our professional forensic, legal, accounting and audit staff has the best and unrivalled capabilities and expertise to help you to identify local businesses source and origin of wealth. We are able to act as your 'translator' clarifying specifics of the local market and its complex structure and story.  At, we combine our insights and skills to provide a professional, independent and clear view on these matters. We’re proud to be marked as the only independent firm in the local market capable to address all your concerns.